Who I Support

There are times when everyone experiences difficult, distressing feelings which interfere with everyday life and relationships. Confiding in friends or family members doesn’t always feel right. That’s when it can be helpful to talk things through with a completely neutral person who you know will be supportive and won’t make judgments about what you say.

Whether your problems are from the past, right now or are impacting on your future, exploring the issues in a confidential place with an experienced, qualified counsellor can help you to face challenges, make changes and move forward in the way that is right for you.

Individual counselling

There are many reasons for seeking counselling or therapy. I have worked with clients who have sought counselling for help with bereavement, relationship breakdown, illness, anxiety, depression or work-related stress. Therapy is as individual as you are, and I tailor our sessions to explore your feelings and difficulties to help gain insight and to make sense of what you are feeling. Talking about difficult feelings can help gain understanding and confidence to make changes in your life, or come to terms with things that can’t be changed.

Couples counselling

For some, couples counselling may be about resolving an external problem which has shaken the foundations of your relationship – an affair, a lie, or a painful event. For others it may be more a general sense of drifting apart, loss of emotional or sexual interest, feeling ‘stuck or ‘trapped’ or simply feeling like you have ‘forgotten’ how to be with one another. Working together, I will help you to gain insight into the part you are each playing in your relationship dynamic, to gain a better understanding for each other, and so create an opportunity for positive change
“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives”
Esther Perel

Depression & anxiety

Being qualified in Behavioural Therapist for Depression I have worked with a large number of referred NHS clients for depression and anxiety. You may be coping with a long-term illness or have experienced a recent period of depression or anxiety. Symptoms can feel overwhelming and have dramatic impact on yourself and your relationships. Working together to understand what you are experiencing, we can look at ways of pushing back on some of the more difficult feelings.

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